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The Society  Today designates now as the beginning of a new spiritual epoch. We have listened to the voices of our elders, ancestors and the laws alive, and are moving towards reshaping the world around us, beginning with ourselves and our community. The Society Today's mission is to establish methods for communing with one another and engaging with the world that are firmly rooted in Earth-based spiritual practices, which demand that we recognize divinity in what we used to ignore, disregard, or even fear. This is a practice of transformation and transcendence. We aim to deprioritize whatever interrupts our connection to Spirit, allowing ourselves to be whole. 


It is our intent to serve at the will of our elders and ancestors as a bridge for those seeking to transform their relationship to the world around them: everything that is seen and unseen. Participants will be connected to leadership and practitioners that will guide them in the process of self-development, creating avenues to achieve their destiny and a new spiritual depth that is in line with their individual path. Participants will explore innovative and sacred ways of receiving and processing information, putting them on the path to connecting mind, body and spirit into a whole, and connecting that whole to the Earth. Our vision is a connected and integrated community stabilized in the principles of Earth-based spirituality irrespective of religious affiliations or beliefs.


The Society Today's Membership will have exclusive, and regular opportunities to dive deeper into material and subject matter beyond the public gatherings and conferencesMembership access provides a more direct line to the guest presenters, event organizers, and networks connected with The Society Today. Those interested in this level of involvement should reach out at: liason@divineandconjure.comSerious inquiries only.

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